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An inspiring true story by Carol Ann Rowell about a brave Cockatoo very eager to make new friends in his new home

Buddy will dance, dip, jump, and tap his way into the hearts of children and parents in this wonderful story,” I’m Your Buddy” which has received a 5 Star Review by Reader’s Favorite. Even though Buddy is missing some feathers, his personality allows him to shine. Buddy is a reminder to us all that true beauty comes from within. By the end of the story, Buddy will have you repeating his saying of “Wings Up” which means “Be the best you can be”. Parents and teachers will enjoy reading this story to young children and young readers will love it too. There are many lessons to expand on.

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Meet the real life characters


Chico is a handsome African Grey parrot with a very high IQ, that charms everyone he meets. Carol promised her husband Gary, that she would not bring any more birds home (she had 11) before Chico came into the picture.

When Chico was found by the brother of someone she knew, Chico announced his full name, address, and phone number. However, he was never returned and the man kept him for years and mistreated him. Carol’s acquaintance finally rescued Chico by paying his brother for him. Carol gave advice, and supplies for his care for 2 yrs but never met Chico till she was asked if she would take home the bird. Chico was known not to like females but when Chico came to Carol’s house, he blew her a kiss and Gary said, “Well, you better bring in the cage he is here to stay.” During Chico’s first week he announced, "my name is Chico Rowell."

Favorite Food Facts: Chico loves chicken legs, salmon, apples and blueberries


Skittish from day 1, the now beautiful and alluring African Grey, was hand feed by Gary as a baby. She was so tiny, had a little baby voice, and couldn’t perch. Scarlet is now 28 years old and has been part of our family since she was 8 weeks old.

Favorite Food Facts: Scarlet loves salmon, apples and blueberries


Carol first saw little Hunter with no tail feathers in a pet store, and he was there for quite a while because no one wanted to buy him without feathers. Carol had to take him home. He is the biggest eater of all the birds (and the smallest!) and at the ripe age of 26 which is unheard of with cockatiels, he is going strong.

Favorite Food Facts: Hunter loves everything except fruit


Well you have to read the book if you want to know about Buddy.

Favorite Food Facts: Buddy loves pasta, homemade muffins, salmon and white chicken

Adoptive Mother and Author, Carol Ann Rowell

For as long as she can remember, Carol has been drawn to birds of all kinds. When she was 8, her mother sent her to the store,and on her return she looked up to the sky and she saw a vision of the Holy Spirit. She has been watching the sky ever since! Birds soaring through the clouds brings back the memory of her 8 yr old self seeing the heavens. Her experience and compassion for birds has grown through rescuing many throughout the years. She even rescued a bird at a garage sale! The bird had foil on top of it’s cage, (very dangerous for birds), and Carol asked if she could take the bird, and her flock grew once again. People started calling her whenever they found a lost bird, and Carol would house another feathered friend in need.

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Bird Lovers

You don't have to love birds to love this book, but if you don't when you first read it, you will by the end.


Children of all ages love the lively illustrations by Pamela Becker, and at the same time learn a bit about keeping a dream alive.

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